Iconic Pieces

Hevea’s ethos is firmly rooted in the Danish design tradition that merges FORM and FUNCTION, with the goal of creating timeless pieces that stand the test of time. That is why we have chosen shapes for our products that are both iconic and innovative.


INNOVATION is at the core of our design philosophy.Our desire to create non-toxic and sustainable products, is both a challenge and a joy, and constantly pushes us to find new and creative ways to accomplish it.

Challenging the way things are usually done is part of our daily work.


Most often we find our answers in our Danish heritage, where SIMPLICITY and FUNCTIONALITY drive our solutions. Everything is made for a reason and each item has its own story and unique design.


The first item designed and produced by HEVEA

The idea of making the pacifier came about when our founder, Terese, couldn’t find a smartly designed natural rubber pacifier for her new-born baby, and simply decided to make one herself. Together with graphic designer Ida, and after a few focus groups with parents and grandparents, the butterfly-shaped pacifier was developed. We designed the pacifier for maximum functionality.

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The grip is a safety requirement, and we made the ring big enough for an adult finger.

The seamless design makes the pacifier easy to keep clean and very hygienic – there are no joints where dirt can accumulate.

We created four ventilation holes, and designed them with four different themes to add a little fun: star & moon, car & ufo, crowns, flowers, and ducks.

The world loves Hevea. Eco-Celebrities from Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, to Alicia Keys and Evangeline Lilly, have opted to use the Hevea Pacifier for their little one.


The chewiest panda ever invented!

Terese has always loved WWF and the work they do. She has been a member since she was a child, and when the need for making a teether became evident, a panda-shaped design was the obvious choice.




HEVEA Panda has been rewarded with several awards worldwide.

The ergonomically designed ring-like cut-out in the middle of the panda’s tummy, and careful sizing, enable babies to easily grip the teether and put it in their mouths safely.

The one-piece design makes the teether easy to clean and very hygienic.

Rubber ducks

The inspiration for our bath toys came when Terese read the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck and realised that her children were exposed to toxic bath water when playing with their plastic toys in the bath. So we decided to make a real non toxic rubber duck and a couple of safe bath companions.

Named after the remarkable friendship between a Malaysian boy and a duck

We wanted to create a healthy, naturally coloured toy that could be used for multiple purposes including stimulating development through a child’s first few years.
The shape and colour of Kawan was inspired by a visit to HEVEA’s Malaysian factory and plantation, where Terese encountered the farmer’s son who had been friends with one of the farm’s beautiful white ducks since he was a baby and now, both aged 7 years old, were seen playing
The name Kawan, meaning “friend” in Malay, is a nod to the special relationship HEVEA has developed with Malaysia and its people.


KAWAN Family

HEVEA’s range of raw natural rubber toys, includes Alfie jr the duck, Polly the fish and Fred the frog.
All HEVEA bath toys are hygenic and with no holes.

Kawan’s natural rubber is soft, malleable and easy for tiny hands to grasp. The patterned texture on Kawan’s beak and feet is ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums, and the elasticity of the rubber is perfect for chewing on.


Kawan floats on water and, thanks to the one-piece design, it has no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide in – very hygienic.

Using natural colours, Kawan encourages the baby’s sensation of touch and stimulates visual development.

Star Ball

Shoot for the stars without breaking them!

Most balls for babies are made of plastic, so we wanted to challenge this by trying to make one in natural rubber. As always, eco-friendliness, functionality and design are key factors. We called it the star ball because of the shape of its webbed holes, which make the ball easy for babies to grasp and to play with.


The star ball is made from 100% natural rubber and has all the great benefits of rubber: natural, non-toxic, soft, flexible, malleable and tactile yet resistant.


As it is soft and bounces back, the ball can be used indoors without hurting the baby’s head or breaking the china.

The Star Ball comes in two additional colours – charcoal & raspberry red – made from natural food pigment and charcoal.


The world leading football STAR Leo Messi playing with our Star Ball. Hope his boys will too!

Baby Bottle

Play with your milk,
not with your food

We have often been asked, “Why don’t you offer natural rubber bottle teats?” Of course we wanted to, and we have worked to find the best solution that would also live up to HEVEA quality. After much research and investigation, we are happy to present the HEVEA Baby Bottle, with a natural rubber teat, and a natural rubber cover which makes it so easy to keep the bottle safe when dropped – and fun to play with.


HEVEA baby bottle 1 white

The HEVEA Baby Bottle is made from borosilicate glass.

The natural rubber cover is easy to hold on to, and prevents the bottle from breaking because it bounces if accidentally dropped.


The natural rubber cover can be used as a toy when it is not being used on the bottle.


The bottle comes with a natural rubber teat (size 6–24 months milk & water), a screw thread and a dustproof cover, which is something that many parents have requested.