Let’s start the journey in one of the Rubber Tree Plantations!

As you probably know, all the HEVEA products are made from natural rubber that comes from the Rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis. The trees grow in tropical climates and produce the sap that is used to create the HEVEA products. The sap is harvested early in morning, when the containers are collected and taken to the nearby factory, where it is processed. Most of the HEVEA products are made exclusively of natural rubber, such as the Panda teether, the Pacifiers and Alfie the Rubber duck.

All products made exclusively of natural rubber gets the brown color during the curing process. The process is naturally done by heat and water. Illustrated by the image of the 3 HEVEA Duck Symmetrical Pacifiers below, you can see how they start off being white and over time change in to the characteristic light brown color. As it is completely natural, the process continues through out the life cycle of the product, where the rubber can change slightly in size and get darker. The process goes faster by usage, which is also why it is important to replace the pacifiers every 6-8 weeks. This is recommended by international safety standards which apply to all kinds of pacifiers, even those made from Silicone and Plastic.

The Kawan series of Rubber ducks and Teether have had natural calcium added in order to achieve the beautiful white color, and their cute personalities have been enhanced with handpainted details. has been they are then hand painted. Yet other products – for instance the black Star Ball – have had charcoal added to them and Fred the Frog has had organic green color added in order to give him the nice transparent color.


Here you see the sap mixed with water. It then needs to cure as this is made into smoked sheets of natural rubber which is used for the HEVEA Bath mat, Star ball and Panda teether.

HEVEA is about making safe, non-toxic and beautifully designed products. It’s about how we all can contribute to making a better world by using natural products and use only what we need. HEVEA focus upon the Hevea Brasiliensis and making things as natural as possible. At the same time, we are continuously looking for ways to be even better when it comes to making our products: better for babies (and their parents) and better for the planet.